Garanti Plastik

About Us

Despite the young founding year, with the experienced managers and employees who do not compromise teamwork, at the nationally and internationally arena Garanti Plastik which is progressing towards becoming a preferred brand, has become a supplier of many organizations that lead different industries.

Garanti Plastik has decided to take the global financial market with its fast financial growth and the power of its commercial connections, Hadımköy recycling facility decided to continue to the existing at the village of Dilovası in the 10,000 m2 area in 2013.

Besides, to follow from the international market Garanti Plastik GmbH has been introduced to Europe as a merchant company at the Germany location.

There are many types that have not been offered to the present Turkish market in the sectoral sence before; Garanti Plastik is a solution partner for many manufacturers in the process of institutionalized and institutionalization in Turkey and in the world with its competitive cost structure, ambitious investment strategy and perspective from the perspective of quality, high technology, original and functional design.

Garanti Plastik, which provides product systems and solutions for " Recycle Raw Materials", which is required in many sectors such as film, injection and packaging, has defined quality and customer satisfaction as an indispensable basic principle

In addition to these, we have started to operate in the field of Logistics, Foreign Trade and Real Estate in order to meet the needs of our customers and our company in the direction of our growing volume.

Not only against customers; Garanti Plastik is also respectful to its employees, suppliers and the social environment it is in. through uncompromising work discipline, Continues to evolve to make the allegation of carrying the national pioneering company identity to the international dimension a reality.